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Maintaining your own numismatic business often turns out to be much more than a full-time job. Taking care of your customers and the overhead associated with this adds up to a large investment of your time and energy. On the other hand having a web presence in this day and age is an absolute necessity if you want to grow your business.

Starting and maintaining a web presence though is a job on its own. While tools do exist to assist you in creating a website, it can be expensive and taking this huge task on yourself will take away from the time you can spend on other business objectives.

Web Presence Needs Continued Commitment

Creating your own Web presence is bumpy road filled with potholes. During the process, you must continually learn, re-evaluate and maintain. This rings true when you donít have the benefit of previous experience. A poor web image or presence can be a disaster! How your business presents itself online may make or break the impression you give.

It makes good business sense to hire an expert to help you develop your website. Your website is more than just your digital business card, itís a dynamic locus of activity that draws existing search and social media traffic. A good web programmer can help you maintain a database, create interfaces, and analyze traffic, sales conversions and more.

If Youíre Not a Web Designer Ė You Need One.

An effective website also depends on adhering to contemporary design practices. Sloppy design destroys credibility and usability, and elements such as color and mood affect visitor impressions. For someone who is not an expert at design, it becomes very easy to send mixed messages about your business. Relying on a free or cheap template sends the signal to people "You are not invested in your own business". When it comes to your online impression, it is generally easier to lose credibility than it is to gain it. Every detail becomes critical factor and can add up to the success or failure of your business. What are these details? A developer should know. Remember you have only one opportunity to make a first impression!

The Internet Never Sleeps

Truly succeeding online requires an ongoing commitment of energy and knowledge. The Web is an overwhelming place that changes every day and requires constant learning. Consider the costs of spending time developing online channels versus paying attention to the core business

Trends like search engine and social media optimization, require constant attention and responsiveness. This may be a long term committment with results taking time. Following the wrong strategy can be devastating and continual participation is critical.

Remember the Human Equation

Current techniques allow for real-time analysis and monitoring events as they happen. Traffic flows, visitor responses, social media commentary and public relations all can occur within an instant. An active presence is being in charge of your brand, creating the buzz and eliminating problems before they occur. This takes time, energy, and digital savvy.

Considering the return on investment, a strong Web presence has the potential to expand the scope of business. Investing up front in professional Web development allows you to focus on your core business goals, while showing your customers that you are a business of substance.

Business Web Development Process

Every entrepreneur must learn where to apply their resources most efficiently, when to do a task themself and when to assign a task to a valued expert. When it comes to website development, doing it yourself frequently becomes a more expensive if you consider the value of your time and potentially lost business.

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